Helpful Hints for those new to Austin Sevening

(and those who have forgotten more than the rest of us will ever know!)


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A7 Lubrication Charts

A7 Wiring

Box annual service schedule

Buying an A7

Buying a battery

Battery Maintenance

Check on the MOT history of any vehicle

Children in A7s

Cleaning the crankcase & setting the tappets

Cleaning the oil reservoir and changing oil

Club Runs

Clubnight Meetings

Clutch basics

Differences in A7s

Driving on the Continent

Finding an A7

Funny Noises


History of Registration Marks

Identifying your A7 (goes to A7CA)

Keeping tabs on services

Lubricating the clutch thrust bearing

Lubrication - the complete guide

Maintenance & care of the battery

Recommissioning the A7

Rules of the convoy

Safety in the workshop

Searching the history of your A7

Setting the ignition

Setting the tappets

Technical summary sheet

Testing the coil

The right antifreeze

Timing charts for Austin engines

Timing on the flywheel

Tyre maintenance

Vehicle authentication 

Vehicle Registration

What to carry in an A7

Which oil to use in an A7

Winter tips