BATTERIES - 6v & 12v

Following on from the info mentioned in recent Club Newsletters on the subject of battery capacity and specifications, some interesting advice is available from a couple of suppliers. Lincon Batteries on their website ( Tel: 01702 525374 provide some interesting info and photos of the typical A7 type of 6V battery.  Lincon recommend the 421 model of battery which is a type number in general use by most A7 battery suppliers. This unit is nominally 7 square by 8 high and available in 59, 73 or 88 Ahr rating.

Also of particular use, bearing in mind their branch is local to us in Poole is the technical support (and discount) available from Shield Batteries. ( Tel: 01202 667728. John at Shield is our contact. A general discount of 15% is available to DA7C members. They also recommend the 421-11 for 6v A7 applications. For 12v use in an A7 Shield suggest the 202-12v unit.

When purchasing a battery locally remember that the supplier will need several hours' notice to fill and charge any new battery. On installation lubricate the posts with a suitable dilectric grease (Silicone or Lithium).

When it comes to 12Volt I have used a Mini 12v Battery in conjunction with a small alternator. Im sure other club members can recommend alternative car or motorcycle units that could be used where space is limited.

Options on going 12v have been covered in our own technical pages on the DA7C website.

The main contenders are:

1. Modify the existing system using the third brush and regulator.

2. Purchase a proprietary 12V conversion box.

3. Install a small alternator.

I believe that within the club there are examples of cars running each of these types of 12V systems.

For an explanation of the simplest mods required to go 12v see

Phil Simmons DA7C