Heavy clackety noise.

A high lift cam that did not have shortened follower guides.

Loud note from transmission on overrun.

Unmatched pair of pinion shaft bearings.

Pinion shaft nut loose (Vince drills it and puts in a grub screw and uses

Very loud metallic.

Centre rear sump screw touches starter ring

Dreadful noise from gearbox in reverse following rebuild.

Rear cover plate screws are of different length and have been wrongly replaced.

Rattling noise from clutch thrust area.


Protruding heads on clutch thrust fixing pins on cross shaft are too long and foul toggle levers.

Almighty noise from clutch housing.


Lubricating neck on clutch thrust come out and jammed between flywheel and housing (watch out you don't make it loose when levering against it with screwdriver when adjusting clutch pedal travel.

Sounds like noisy clutch thrust on 29 car.

Clip on Carden Block cover fouling and transmitting noise down shaft.

Sound of bagpipes being tuned.

Small leak on inlet manifold.

Whistling sound.

Gap on inlet manifold face.

Deep rumbling disappears when foot put on clutch.

Loose flywheel.

Deep rumble like engine falling apart.

Excessive end float in dynamo.

Clonk when going from forward to reverse.

Slack torque tube clamp and/or joint.

Loose hub due taper or key.

Loose spring U bolts.

Rattle noise from transmission when engine replaced.

Front flex coupling hits handbrake.

Grease nipple on sliding spline hits handbrake.

Squealing brakes.

Pivot post loose.

Tinkling noise on rough roads.

Hub caps loose - use Tigerseal - sticks anything!