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CLUB NIGHTS are on the 2nd Thursday each month at the BRIDGE HOUSE HOTEL,

Ringwood Rd., Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 9AN from about 7.30 pm.  Talks, forums & demonstrations start at 8.00 pm.  Phone - 01202 578828  :  click HERE for map



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          AUSTIN DEALERSHIPS 1936/37
        New Lucas Technical Service sheets (pdf):  Maintenance & Care; Batteries; Coils; Generators.
Huge selection of contemporary photos of A7 models



Repairs to the rear blind
Tapping drill sizes
A7 torque settings
Preventing oil on rear brakes
Fitting new brake cable
Semi-Girling brakes
Snagging brakes when reversing
Removing the gear knob
Fitting a luggage rack
Decarbonising the A7 engine
RP sliding roof
Hood and screens for 1933 4-seat Tourer
Magneto coupling
Loose rotor arm
Pneumatic windscreen wiper
Magneto ignition explained
Trafficator maintenance
Petrol gauge
Care & maintenance of the battery
Fitting Lucas tail lights
Building a 6-volt electronic rev counter
Clutch roller bearings
Carden block
Relining the clutch
The Borg & Beck clutch
Oily clutch lining
A7 lubrication charts (all years)
Replacing the petrol pump diaphragm
A7 carburettor (1938)
The fuel pump
Zenith 26VA carburettor
Repairing the ignition light
Re-timing the engine
A7 capacities and oil-change intervals
Lubricating the clutch thrust bearing
Overhauling the steering box
Adjusting the 1936-39 steering box
Removing the starting handle cotter pin
Dismantling the A7 engine
Tracing engine faults chart
Thread finder chart
A7 specifications 1922 38