Club Night Forum – Failures and How to Avoid Them


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Vibration Problems

·                On Hardy Spicer prop ensure cross yokes are aligned front and back for

·                balance

·                Ensure carden pins blocks and housing are not badly worn. Renew as needed

·                good to keep blocks from moving towards shaft with packing washers or O rings

·                Bearing Fell out In Gibraltar !

·                Always ensure circlips are properly seated and have their flat side towards the

·                outside

·                Replacements sealed for life – do not pressure grease

·                If doing any diy reconditioning check that needle roller bearings are same size as

·                original

Noise From Propshaft

·             Fabric coupling flapping about – check/renew

·             Handbrake on early cars fouling fabric – check & adjust

·             Mini type gaitor come off housing or split


Crown Wheel and Pinion Stripped

·         Check/change oil frequently

·         Use white cable tie as dipstick

·         Use thin flexible tube when filling as crownwheel close to filler can cause false

·         level flow back

·         Do not overfill as oil can reach brake drums. Some use ½ pint instead of 2/3 but

·         check monthly* Use Morris EP140 or Castrol D140 Only Phil likes Molyslip in his gearbox and

·         axle!

·         Can use diff banjo bolt by torque tube as level plug

·         Do not block breather with paint on D axle

Keyway Stripped

·         Loose hubs

·         Check radius of key matches slot

·         Check hub nut goes to same place when tightened without key in order to make

·         sure that hub does not ride on key

·         Ensure half shaft end float exists after lapping hub onto shaft as gear can be pulled

·         against planet carrier with excess lapping

·         Do not slacken hub nut to get split pin in - some use shims, others face off nut,

·         some do not fit split pin, some use Loctite

·         Tighten hub nut really tight using long bar on socket and brake drum welded on

·         bar

Oily Brakes

·         Overfilled axle

·         Renew diff seals or modern lip seals - may need to rub down outer edge to fit in

·         tin retainers

·         Shaft Breaks

·         Old age/fatigue

·         Poor clutch control

·         Poor driver

·         Clutch problem

·         Kangarooing/clunk in reverse due loose torque tube anchorage

·         Get home on wheel nut /ball bearing between broken bits to lock diff.

Planet Carrier Breakage

·         Fatigue

·         Overlapped hub

·         Axle bent – check central location of half shafts plus check run out in lathe

Pinion End Float

·         Either shim or replace bearings on D axle and on banjo use locknuts on pinion

·         flange

Very Noisy

·         Use Ear Plugs !!

Early Torque Tubes Snap

·         Avoid using Chummy for big girl’s wedding !!


Won’t Start After Standing

·         Fuel stale – change

·         Fill float bowl with fresh fuel

Corroded Tanks

·         Cut out offending section and replace – danger! - only for people who know what

·         they are doing! Exhaust gas from non catalyst car can kill old fumes in petrol tank

·         Ethanol attacks tank sealer – see Ethanol could be good reason to

·         leave EU !!

·         Use gravel to clean tank when out of car - shake it !

Car Stops or Runs Poorly

·         Worn lever on pump

·         Wrong size jets

·         Blocked jets

·         Use fuel filter - glass better as paper restricts flow on gravity feed. David Cochrane does filter for 22FZ inlet

·         Get you home cure - blow back to tank with airline

·         Remove tank and clean out

·         No Fuel

·         Tank tube broken !

·         Tap not turned on !

·         Dome bolt stripped on pump - get home with ratchet straps

·         Vapourising

·         Tie bonnet back on mountain !

·         Provide heat shield

·         Wrap down pipe in heat resistant tape or cord


·         Hole in float due to ethanol – carry spare

·         Float height critical on SU

·         Bowl loose on sidedraught – use lockwashers on bolts

·         Worn needle and butterfly weights on updraught carb – renew and polish collar

·         and new weights to ensure smooth movement. Big improvement in fuel economy!

Phil Whitter (DA7C)