Club Night Forum Failures and How to Avoid Them


Click here for Part 1 - Engine Failures

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Click here for Part 3 - Propshaft & Rear Axle Problems

Click here for Part 5 - Electrical and Ignition


Car Wandering

         Front shock absorber too tight

         Lightly grease wooden discs ?

         Use single shock absorber link mod (see A7 Companion)

         Spring U bolts loose/broken

         Lack of toe in

         Buckled wheels

         Tyre Pressures

         Loose radius arms/centre bolt

Spring Leaves Out of Line

         Clips loose

         Centre bolt not tight

         Worn leaves


         Shockers ineffective - rubbers worn /tension

         Adjust to one bounce

         Double shocker plate is good mod on front

         Tyre pressures

         Unbalanced front wheels

         Cheap tyres!

Hard ride

         Most solutions are the opposite of Bouncing!


Too much play in wheel

         Adjust steering box

         See our website/see A7 Companion

         Could be bushes worn

         Could turn gear 1/3 on early box to present unworn area

         Ultimate job is to lap gears with grinding paste very long job!

         Check track rod ends/draglink ends


         Worn kingpins and bushes

         Wheel bearings

         No toe in/lack of castor shim/twist radius arms (see A7 Companion)

         Rear spring set too high Ian Dunford has correct dimensions for all springs

Stiff steering

         Kingpin seized

         Castor angle

         Box too tight adjusted in middle not at both ends


         Tyre damage/wheel balance

         Loose wheel nuts

         Worn drag link

 Lack of Self Centring

         Box too tight

         Castor angle

 Steering wheel loose on shaft

         Check clamp on early car

         Keep centre nut tight on steering wheel

         Splines worn use Loctite filler oil spline to prevent sticking

Safety -  Always look immediately at any sudden change!


 Wobbly wheels

         Worn wheel bearings 

         Loose/broken spokes

         Wheel nuts loose/worn/stripped

         Wheel nut seating worn or painted (remove new paint to provide metal to metal)

         Wheel studs broken/loose

         Half shaft nut /taper/key/bearing nut/hub screws one or more loose


         Down to brake rivets

         Worn cam bearings

         Broken pull off spring

         New shoes not chamfered

         Grit between shoe and drum

         Beware bonding on alloy coming apart


         Oval drum

         No chamfer/ linings loose/broken pull off spring

         Worn cams and bushes

 Brakes lock in reverse

         Slacken off front brakes

         Levers on wrong way round should be ball facing backplate

 Clonking on take up in forward or reverse

         Rear hub loose on key

         Play in torque tube/anchor

 Brakes come on on full lock

         Slacken off adjustment!

 Phil Whitter