From the A7OC Magazine with many thanks

This Chart has been carefully arranged, with the object of indicating to the motor engine user, in a most expeditious manner, the cause of any trouble experienced. For this purpose, the alternative possible, or likely, causes have been grouped into three main classes, namely: (1) The Engine Refuses to Start; (2) The Engine Stops; and (3) The Engine Runs Unsatisfactorily. It is not a difficult matter, even for the novice, to ascertain into which class the engine trouble belongs. The next step is to find out whether it is the ignition or carburation at fault. The sub-classifica­tion of major faults, or causes, will show which of these items is concerned. Then by a process of elimination, step by step, using the information given in the Chart, the actual cause may be found. Having found the cause of the trouble, the reader will find the index of these volumes a useful help in looking up the item concerned, with the object of remedying same.

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