Replacing your fabric coupling with a later Hardy Spicer propshaft.

I have heard of people having to move the handbrake to fit a Hardy Spicer joint in place of the fabric coupling. I purchased a new propshaft for my short wheelbase box saloon from A7 Components. As he handed it to me, David said you may have to do something with the hand brake.

On investigation and doing some measuring I realised what he meant it would not fit as the handbrake mechanism is in the way. Speaking to people who have done the job it is quite a palaver to move the handbrake mechanism over.

On taking some measurements of the new propshaft I concluded that I could machine the propshaft down to clear the handbrake. So I put the propshaft in my lathe and turned it down removing the square shoulders (see pictures). All I had to do to the handbrake was to remove one bolt and fit a socket countersunk head screw in its place to clear the turned down propshaft.
I turned the propshaft down to 2 3/4" diameter and it is a tight fit.

David Cochrane has seen my modification and he said in future he would sell his propshafts machined down.
Roger Ballard DA7C