Remove castellated nuts from fabric joint / gear box end. Undo the nuts on the Carden joint. Slide the Carden joint forward to clear the studs and pull the propshaft backwards with the fabric joint attached.  Turning the propshaft helps to remove the fabric joint from the bolts. Once the propshaft has been removed it is easy to replace the fabric joint. Then connect the fabric joint onto the back of the gearbox, attach one nut, turn the propshaft to add the next nut then the third. Then slide the Carden block back over the studs on the rear axle and re-attach to the Carden block. As you need to turn the propshaft to access all the nuts a helper is useful to put the car in gear and apply the brake to stop the propshaft turning when the next nut is undone/tightened.

Douglas Alderson DA7C