First seen in the Scottish A7C Newsletter with many thanks

If you are about to dismantle your engine and don't know quite where to start - here's quite a handy little diagram that has come our way ­courtesy of Fred Gauci.
The parts are numbered in order of removal and are as follows:-

1 Upper water connection from cylinder head.
2 Petrol pipe from pump (tank on early boxes) to carburettor.
3 Exhaust pipe joint.
4 Combined exhaust and inlet manifold which may be removed complete with (4a) carburettor.
5 Cylinder head.
6 Spark plugs
7 Valve cover and (8) valve assembly with old type shown in circle.

This completes the dismantling for decarbonizing and valve grinding but if it is also desired to gain access to the pistons - the following additional parts must be removed:

9 Fan belt.
10 Dynamo - distributor - fan assembly.
11 Lower water manifold.
12 Flywheel cover plate.
13 Cylinder block and (14) pistons.