We will all agree that we ought to check the condition of our tyres, Austin Seven and modern, trailer, caravan etc. But the next time you check the condition of a tyre, have a look at the age, once you know what to look for it is very easy. It may also be wise to check the age of any replacement tyres you buy.

Pre 2000 the tyre date code was a 3-digit code, the first 2 digits were the week number and the last number the year in that decade. So 142 would be the 14th week of 1982 or it could be the 14th week of 1992! Some tyre manufactures added a mark after the year number to indicate the decade, but not all.

Post 2000 the tyre date is a 4-digit code, the first 2 being the week number and the second 2 being the year. So 1402 would be the 14th week of 2002.

To add further to any confusion the manufacturers are only required to put the age in full on one side of the tyre. So when you fit new tyres it may be helpful to put the date on the outside of the wheel.  Douglas Alderson DA7C