A7 WIRING DIAGRAMS 1922 - 1938

We are fortunate that Austin took the time to produce not only Handbooks but also Parts Books of their cars and within the handbooks include wiring diagrams. These wiring diagrams developed over time as did the cars. The table on the next page lists all the wiring diagrams available for Austin Seven cars and how they changed (this is based on the handbooks available from the A7A Archive as of the date 11 May 2020).
I have then compared the handbook diagrams with the diagrams in a number of Austin Seven books and was curious why there are 13 different diagrams in the handbooks but only 5 in Woodrow Manual, 5 in the A7 Companion and 8 in the Source Book so the table also compares these diagrams with ones in the handbook. Some of the diagrams have probably not been included in these publications due to space and some of the changes like a change in starter motor does not impact on the diagram too much. But some of the publications have labelled a diagram for a specific year but often covers a number of years or in the case of a late RP with indicators and stoplight do not have the diagram. Some of the changes are very obvious and easy to interpret e.g. the addition of or change in starter motor. But some of the changes are more complex and having the correct diagram for your car may save a lot time and of confusion.
With the Ruby cars 1934-1939 there are three handbook wiring diagrams, these have been amalgamated in John Cornforths wiring diagram on our web site.
But please note that over time your car may have been rewired or modified so use as a guide.
Douglas Alderson DA7C