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DA7C CAR WINDOW STICKERS are available from Roger Ballard at club night or on club runs, just ask Roger. There are a limited number and these are only for your A7 not your modern car. Please stick with pride.

ASSOCIATION GREY MAG OPT OUT Some of us receive duplicate copies of the Grey Mag from other clubs. To save the trees, if you wish to not receive one from DA7C, please let Roger Ballard know E-mail: keahouse@dialstart.net

New Rule for Club Runs: Due to the number of cars on our Club Runs the Committee have had to introduce a new rule which is that only Austin Sevens and big Sevens can participate in our Club Runs. If for some reason you are not able to be in an Austin Seven, then please stay right at the back of the convoy throughout the Run, or preferably meet us at the pub in your vintage or modern motor car.  We are sorry for any inconvenience to members, but we are keen to maintain the goodwill of fellow motorists, and to encourage us all to use our Austin Sevens.


Fuel From September 2019 petrol stations will be adding labels showing the level of Ethanol and Biodiesel. Blending biofuels into regular petrol and diesel reduces CO2 emissions, helping us to meet climate change commitments. Petrol, which contains up to 5% renewable ethanol, will be labelled ‘E5’, while diesel, which contains up to 7% biodiesel, will be labelled as ‘B7’ . The important point to note is that the level of Ethanol has not changed, it is just the addition of a label.

DoT: Vehicle Of Historic Interest MOT Exemption 

The following is a statement of the effect of recent legal changes to requirements for MOT testing of vehicles at least 40 years old.
On 20 May 2018 the Motor Vehicle (Tests) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 came into force. Regulation 7 sets out that any car, van (under 3.5t) or motorcycle which is being used on a public road is to be considered a vehicle of historic interest and therefore no longer required to hold a valid MOT certificate if it: 
was manufactured or registered for the first time at least 40 years previously
is of a type no longer in production, and
c)    has been historically preserved or maintained in its original state and has not undergone substantial changes in the technical characteristic of its main components.

his amended the previous exemption from MOT testing for cars, light vans or motorcycles manufactured in 1960 or before.

V5C CLASS: if your Austin Seven is due an MOT, you will need to declare it as a Vehicle of Historical Interest when you renew your Road Tax.  The responsibility to ensure the declared vehicle is a VHI and meets the criteria, rests with the vehicle keeper as part of their due diligence. If a vehicle keeper is not sure of the status of a vehicle, they can consult a marque or historic vehicles expert, a list of whom will be available on the website of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.  Click here for an advisory paper with more details.

MOT CHANGES: The Substantial Change which is still draft but may impact on your car. “Most vehicles first registered over 40 years ago will as of 20 May 2018 be exempt from periodic testing, unless they have been substantially changed. The Ministry of Transport has recently (January 2019) has issued a letter of clarification which can be read and/or downloaded here.  The FBHVC suggest that drivers of "Historic Class" vehicles carry a copy of this letter in their cars in case they are stopped by the Police for not having a current MOT.

MOT UPDATE (06/08/20): Restarting MOT Testing
Mandatory MOT testing has been reintroduced as COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lifted. 
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, drivers were granted a 6-month exemption from MOT testing in March to help slow the spread of the virus. However, as restrictions are eased when safe to do so, all drivers whose car, motorcycle or van is due for an MOT test from 1 August will be required to get a test certificate to continue driving their vehicle.
 Click here for the full government announcement

LICENSING VEHICLES WITHOUT AN MOT:  According to the DVLA, if you tax your A7 online, the system should recognise we don't need an MOT but if you tax it at a post office then you will have to fill in another, new form V112 "Exemption From MOT Testing".

MOTS & INSURANCE: An Important Message from Richard Hosken:
We have no intention of requesting an annual condition check as we are using our risk selection to ensure that we have the true enthusiast who will do this as a matter of course anyway rather than the people who get bored with an older car and let it wither and die. With the line being drawn at pre 1960 I’m confident that we won’t see people buying them as a means of cheap transport to get round the annual condition checks as they are just too old for everyday transport.
With  regard to going abroad this is fine as long as you comply with the individual traffic regulations in each country and the vehicle condition rules of their home state.  If you are moving or leaving your vehicle abroad then it will need to be re-registered and will then come under that state’s rules for vehicle upkeep.
The unknown factor will be the effect it has on values in the market place between one that has the yearly upkeep history against those that don’t.  Personally I think this will end up ensuring that people continue to MoT their classics, they just won’t get the official government certificate.

MOT INFORMATION ONLINE For sometime you have been able to check to see if a car has an MOT and the Mot history, your car or any car you know. Recent updates to the on line service means you no longer need to enter the make just the registration number.  In the case of some Austin Sevens the make is mis-recorded as say “AUSTINRUBYDELUXE ”. Now just enter the car registration and all the details are there for you. Click here  You can also check the MOT history of any vehicle: click here