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Fuel From September 2019 petrol stations will be adding labels showing the level of Ethanol and Biodiesel. Blending biofuels into regular petrol and diesel reduces CO2 emissions, helping us to meet climate change commitments. Petrol, which contains up to 5% renewable ethanol, will be labelled ‘E5’, while diesel, which contains up to 7% biodiesel, will be labelled as ‘B7’ . The important point to note is that the level of Ethanol has not changed, it is just the addition of a label.

DoT: Vehicle Of Historic Interest MOT Exemption 

The following is a statement of the effect of recent legal changes to requirements for MOT testing of vehicles at least 40 years old.
On 20 May 2018 the Motor Vehicle (Tests) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 came into force. Regulation 7 sets out that any car, van (under 3.5t) or motorcycle which is being used on a public road is to be considered a vehicle of historic interest and therefore no longer required to hold a valid MOT certificate if it: 
was manufactured or registered for the first time at least 40 years previously
is of a type no longer in production, and
c)    has been historically preserved or maintained in its original state and has not undergone substantial changes in the technical characteristic of its main components.

his amended the previous exemption from MOT testing for cars, light vans or motorcycles manufactured in 1960 or before.