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For free, the Club has a near complete set of spare GREY MAGAZINES, if anyone is missing any, please contact the Editor and we will bring the copy to club night.

5 15 RADIAL TYRES - 3 x Michelin ZX Radials, suit special 125x15 very good indeed, very little wear. Also 2 x Firestone Radial 125x15 also very good tread depth and sound condition. 60 the lot. George Mooney

CAMSHAFT, believed to be fast road but not sur.e 55 OVNO John Webb Phone 01202 814850 Mob. 07715 323324 Email:

1936/7 Austin 7 Open-topped 2-seater. Reconstructed around 1992 for use as a hill-climber by C. Gregory. Hence it has a 1936/7 chassis which has been bottom-plated to form box members. Engine is 2-bearing crank; four-speed gearbox; hydraulic brakes; body steel-framed square-sectioned tube covered in aluminium; rear slab tank; SU petrol pump and carb. I bought it at Richard Edmond's auction costing 4800 in August 2013. I have not driven it on the road although it is taxed and insured to do so but I've got to an age where my driving is becoming more and more limited. So I am considering selling it on to a younger person (under 80!!). It has cost me around 6000 plus my time (free) so must be worth finishing. I'm open to any offers or exchange something to keep me amused. Car located in Salisbury. Jim Watkinson tel 01722 332263 Email:


BENCH FOR TESTING REBUILT ENGINES. Complete with fittings. 45.  Contact Tina on 01202 424117


AMMETER 1.5 diameter. Douglas 01020 434635