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In 1968 Brian Milton fell in love with a girl called Fiona Campbell, who lived in South Africa. She agreed to marry him and he resolved to drive a1937 Austin 7 Ruby called Alexa across Europe, the Sahara Desert and the tropical Congo to claim his bride.
The car didn’t make it, but a great many adventures occurred. Brian crashed Alexa in the Sahara after suffering ptomaine poisoning from a tin of sardines. He spent three days hammering the car back into shape, but was abandoned by his escort on the most difficult part of the journey after Tamanrasset – they wearied of pushing him out of sand-drifts. Brian was robbed of various pieces of equipment by desert Arabs, and ran out of water twice en route. He negotiated with other Arabs over a desert well, agreeing to pay two cigarettes and two aspirin for five gallons of water. The last desert scare was genuine fears over a broken half-shaft. Brian ran out of money in Nigeria, then in the middle of a civil war, but was adopted by three Swiss travellers on promises that any debts he ran up he would pay with money from articles written for the Irish Independent for which his father had once worked. Brian sent his dispatches to Dublin by collaring travellers to Europe and asking for them to be posted through civilised postal systems. They all got through to the newspaper.
Driving into Chad in central Africa, a piston ring broke and Brian was forced to continue for the next 2,000 miles with just 3 working pistons, no plug at all in the 4th piston. Not long afterwards the three Swiss burned one of their two Citroen ID-19s, and one went down with jaundice and had to be air-lifted home.

ALEXA – The Life and Death of an Austin 7 Ruby is published by Burning Daylight Books and available online at  or from R.B.Milton at 2 Cyprus Street, London E2 0NN

The story of the journey made by six Austin Seven cars crossing the Andes in 2005.    Author - Vince Leek; Foreword by John Coleman
– a must for every Austin Seven enthusiasts’ bookshelf
238 pages of text and 72 pages of colour pictures.
 by post (UK) direct from Vince Leek.
 Holm Oak, Upton Scudamore, Warminster, Wiltshire. BA12 0AQ

The British Library Data No. is ISBN 978-1-872410-72-1
The Motor Sport Book of the Austin Seven

by Bill Boddy (orig .publ. 1972)

The Pre-War Austin Seven Club (PWA7C) has secured the rights to publish this important work.  Apart from from a few additional photographs, this reprint is exactly as per the original.   Contact Chris Garner on 01664-822476

7 Booklets “Proved by Time”

Roger Harvey has had printed a limited number of these wonderfully evocative booklets (Publication 657A) featuring A7 models from the early 30s.   Ring Roger on 01590-683940 to order your copy and he will deliver to DA7C club night. 

Austin 7 Anecdotes - Published & selling fast!

Over 200 A7 anecdotes and other items of intrigue, humour, amazement and variety—a few are even shocking! 

A5 publication of 64 pages with numerous illustrations.

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Clive Ball drove Samantha, a 1929 Austin 7, round the world between 1965 and 1972, meeting and marrying his wife Sheila in Perth, Australia on the way.  Samantha covered 48,000 miles over some terrible roads, visited 38 countries and crossed the mighty Andes in South America four times, once at nearly 16,000 feet. Clive's keen sense of humour pervades this captivating account of one of the longest journeys ever undertaken in such an old car.  Since this book was originally published, it has become a sought-after classic in vintage car and travel circles alike. 

"I commend this story of a round-the-world trip in a Vintage baby car."  The Observer

"A difficult book to lay aside."  Motor Sport

"A thoroughly good read."  Sunday Times  

"Extremely well written and difficult to put down."  750 Motor Club  

“Wartime Jeeps”

by Graham Scott.  Includes Bantam.  Special offer, signed, post-free from Herridge & Sons Ltd., Tel:01409-281990, e-mail  Website:        





Posh, hardcover binders are now available for all those Austin Seven Clubs’ Association magazines kicking about the house.  Each binder will accommodate 3 years’ worth of magazines and can be ordered directly from Bernard Cowley (01202– 887666) for delivery at club night or by post by arrangement.