April 1978




April sees the start of our evening club runs instead of the "internal" meetings at the Nags Head, so all of you who are able to muster some pre-war transport try and make it (with wives, if pos­sible). All you need is candle power to get home. Even if you have not got a car on the road we hope there will be sufficient 'old seats’ available to give you encouragement. Nigel Ricardo usually manages to come from Dorchester in his Nippy so I am sure it is worth the effort.

On the car scene Gary Munn has passed his driving test – well done, Gary!                                                                 Not many clues can boast a 17-year-old Events secretary driving his own restored 1930 box. Bernard is fitting the wings on his Chummy and making full use of his box until a suitable purchaser is found. Nigel Ricardo has the engine of his 20/6 running again and I am still trying to restore bits of the fabric saloon between putting tiles on the garage roof. Willie McKenzie tells me Clem Orman has a 1936 Ruby - total cars now 48!

This month I have done a spotlight on John Dibben from Wareham who recently joined us, but has been an Austin man for many years and is also a R.A.C. sprint and hill climb timekeeper. We have not seen John at any meetings as they clash with his French lessons (no jokes!) but he hopes to emerge at the end of the term.

Two chaps I know have gone into the tee shirt printing business and make a very professional job doing all the necessary artwork and screen printing at a very reasonable price. We hope to discuss the possible purchase of a batch of club shirts at the next committee meeting when a sample will be available.

Bernard tells me he has an idea for a 'farmyard run' between Corfe Castle and Swanage - details to be announced (don't be dis­couraged by the name, the road passes through three farms - it is not a Bristol A7C cross country run!)

Many thanks to those who have volunteered to represent the club at the National Quiz on the 22nd and also to Gary Munn and Roger Ballard for attending the quarterly A7CA meeting on the l6th, details of business discussed will appear next month.

Finally, if you can help with any of our members wants, please make the effort to dig them out, because if you will never use them someone else may be able to get their car on the road with your help.

This Month’s Meeting 20thApril 8.15 p.m. at the Nags Head, from there we are going on a short road run to the Red Shoot Inn at Lynford in the New Forest.


Next Month’s Committee Meeting Angel at Longham, 4th May 8.30 p.m.



I thought I would mention that it is now just over two years since we had our first meeting at the Nags Head. I did not think that we would have gone from strength to strength in such a short time. We now have 40 members and are still very active. In the coming months we hope to organise three road runs and a static rally tied in with a local steam rally, plus joining other events and runs locally to which we have been invited.

I would personally like to thank you all for your support in the last two years and long may the Dorset Austin 7 Club flourish!


John's interest in Austin Sevens started many years ago with the desire to build a 750 special for racing. He acquired a '32 box and then purchased a '31 box for spares. When his S.S.1 gave up the ghost he got the '31 box on the road as daily transport. This car was duly entered in the W. Hants & Dorset Hartwell Cup Trial and came 2nd with its only major mod. being large inlet valves. After this car John used a succession of black 1931 saloons all with the same reg. no. due to an oversight on the part of the licensing authorities!

In 1935 a 1929 Chummy was purchased and completely rebuilt at tremendous expense to do an indicated 80 mph (on a 4 spd. speedo with a 4.9 axle!) The car was fitted with hydraulic brakes, 1 1/8 in. inlet valves, Nippy manifold and downdraught carb; together with auto. advance/retard and hydraulic shockers on the rear.

Over the next six years or so the car was entered in numerous production car trials organised by the W. H. & D.C.C. being placed in every event and winning several trophies.

Now after 17 years off the road John is busy restoring the Chummy to its competition specification, in preparation for a high speed to see his wine drinking friends in the Limousin area of France, follow­ing a promise made during a tasting session.

John is an official R.A.C. timekeeper and was present at the Chris Gould 10,000 mile attempt. He lives at Wareham and in his spare time is a telephone engineer.


Daffodil Run 30th April. Those who have entered and are driving up to the start (Maidenhead), we are meeting at the lay-by opposite the church at Ringwood (on the A.31) at 5.45 a.m. leaving prompt at 6.00

Weymouth Run_ 7th May  Meet at Wimborne square 11 a.m. If you cannot

make it there meet us for lunch at the Smugglers Inn, Osmington Mills and after lunch a road run to Portland, weather permitting.

Evening Run 24th June to Bankes Arms, Studland. More details. next month.



Alderholt Steam Rally 6th August. DA7C hope to have a separate display at this rally. More details next month.

Biggin Hill Rally Don't forget closing date is 20th April

SPARES & REPAIRS                                                  All entries, etc. to Phil Whitter Broadstone 694857 or club night.

PLATING - Willie McKenzie showed us the work done by south Coast Chrome - seems to be good quality. He tells me they do not want to get involved in repairs prior to plating.

TYRES - Don't forget those 350 x 19 Avons at £12 + vat from Motorway Tyre Services.


Dave Delaney still wants, for 1932 box, oil gauge, dipstick and gear knob. I was able to help him with his radiator brackets.

Willie McKenzie wants, for 1934 box, a door handle, two window winders, a headlight rim and any sunshine roof parts.


The Club is proposing to purchase a batch of good quality screen printed cotton tee shirts. These are colourfast, not to be con­fused with transfer type. The coloured motif will be an Austin 7 with "Dorset, Austin 7 Club" around it.

Price:             Adult £1.80         Child £1.65 in white

                   " £1.75                                        “ £1.75 in yellow or light blue

Sizes:                  Adults - Small, Medium and Large

Children’s - 24" 26" 28" 30" 32"

SWEATSHIRTS also available in the above colours plus Beige and Grey at:

Adult £3.70 Child £3.05

Please fill in the attached slip and return to Phil Whitter on club night or telephone Broadstone 694857 with your order by 30th April.

The letter overleaf should NOT be taken seriously!


N R Ricardo Esq

10 Fordington Green


Dorset                                        1 April 1978


Dear Sir

From our records it appears that you will have to apply for registration under the provisions of the Finance Act 1978,_Section 417C (Vehicle Licencing) Part 9 (Historical Vehicles). This section deals with the changes in vehicle licensing procedures to be announced in the forthcoming budget, and will affect all persons owning any mechanical propelled vehicles constructed prior to 8 August 1938.

Under the terms of the Act the owner of any such vehicle is required to apply for the following:

1.            Collectors License (Historical Vehicles). Any person owning one or more 'Historical Vehicles' as defined under the terms- of the Act will require such a license renewable annually at a cost of £25. Please request a form 174-C from the address given below.

2.            Certificate of Roadworthiness (Annual).                      This certificate will be obtainable annually on the same basis as the current "MOT" Test certificate but having regard to the nature of the vehicles falling under this part of the Act more detailed inspection will be required. Your normal vehicle testing centre will be receiving instructions on this inspection in due course. Please obtain a form 9/D4(1) for each vehicle involved from the address below. The counterfoil of the completed form should be retained by you for production to the vehicle testing-centre.

3.            Registration Certificate. Each vehicle for which a certificate of roadworthiness as shown in 2. above is requested for the first time will require to be registered. This will entail inspection at the Historic Vehicle Testing Centre in Croydon, or one of the provincial centres at Swansea, Leeds, Carlisle, Edinburgh or Belfast.

The inspection will take account of the age, mechanical condition, appearance and general authenticity of the vehicle.

The cost of this inspection will be £50 per vehicle and application forms RC/1 are available from the address below.

Applications for these certificates should be with this Department by 15 April 1978.

Failure to apply for these documents will render all the vehicles liable to confiscation. If the Department refuses to issue these documents the vehicle in question must be disposed of within 21 days or be scrapped.

Yours faithfully S J TWEEDYE

Department of Vehicle Licensing

Historical Vehicles Section

Block 407 Room 72 SWANSEA SA99 1AR

Application Forms Required

Collectors License (Historical Vehicles)– Annual - form 174C Cost £25p.a.

Certificate of Roadworthiness - Annual - Form 9/D4(1) Test Fee £32.50

Registration Fee                   Form RC/1              Cost   £50