Not much news this month. A few people have spoken to say a good day was had by all at Yeovil C.C. Cavalcade - I did not go as it was the same day as our first run from Ringwood to Salisbury. (Report below expertly written by Roger Ballard!) Brian Pledger has now got his engine all up together in his Tourer and it sounds very sweet. Gary Munn is still waiting for his body to be completed. Peter Treliving is now doing thousands of miles in his Ruby - entering a few weeks ago for the Solent Dorset Binge. This was, unfortunately, marred by a very poor turnout, only four cars, but it was a very enjoyable run, according to Peter, with plenty of tracks and fords.


On the 29th August I entered Sherborne Carnival Vehicle Show at Sherborne School and had a 'burn-up' with Jack Jeffries in his Lea-Francis en route! It was a very enjoyable afternoon, most of the entries, surprisingly, being pre-war, the oldest being a 1904 Peugeot. Of the 7s entered there was one Chummy, a 1928 Mulliner, a couple of Box saloons and two Rubys.


NEXT CLUB MEETING 16th September Nags Head, Ringwood - An Austin 7 Quiz

We are now back in the room to the left of the bar. Also later perhaps we can have another chat about membership.



18th September Ringwood Carnival Procession - further details on club night.

24-26th September Stourpaine Steam Rally - entries now closed.

17th October Solent Autumn Leaf Run for Austin 7s further details on club night.



The first weekend run of the New Forest A7 Club was held on Sunday 22nd August. We congregated at the Nags Head in Ringwood for lunch and after closing time three A7's driven by Bernard Cowley John Page and Roger Ballard set off accompanied by Mike Wragg in his Standard. We headed west towards Three Legged Cross but soon had to stop to wait for Bernard to catch up as he had to stop to pick up his tinkle which had fallen off.

We headed on through Holt, Witchampton, Moor Critchel and the Gussages.

We stopped in Chettle to stretch our legs and to look round Chettle House which is an interesting building constructed in the early seventeen hundreds, it has a fine main staircase and an interesting basement made up of a series of pillars with Camel vaulting. The exterior of the house is unusual in that it has no corners and the grounds are well laid out.

Time waits for no man so on we went heading towards Salisbury through Farnham, Handley, Bower Chalk and Broad Chalk which are pretty villages with thatched cottages and an unspoilt appearance.

We finished the run at the Old Mill at Harnham. This is an old water mill which still has the water running under it but is now used as a tea room and craft shop. We had a nice welcome and were served with tea and scones in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Every one of the sixteen wives, girlfriends and children enjoyed a pleasant afternoon’s run. I hope more cars can manage to turn out next time a run is organised.