October 1978


EDITORIAL Firstly, this month let us welcome three new members: Alan

Wixman from Poulner who has a 1932 box, Martin Jervis, who has a 32 tourer which he had at college and was sensible enough to keep for his son, who is nearly old enough to drive it, and lastly, Merville Gover who heard about us from John Dibben and who has a 36 Ruby he is restoring in Wareham. These new additions now put our membership up to 45 with 50 cars total.

This week we have our AGM and this year we will not only be

voting the committee but also for the adoption of a proper constitution aimed at helping the smooth running of the club with its increased member­ship.

It was disappointing to hear from John Dibben that the Chris Gould 10,000 mile record attempt had failed. Stirling Moss started the driving and things were going fairly well until potholes on the track caused half-shaft breakage and it was necessary to import a skilled welder to keep the car running. Reflective markers were used to mark the holes at night and although this helped it was a blown piston which finally finished the attempt after 8,000 miles.

This Sunday sees the quarterly meeting of the A7CA at Oxford and John Page and Glyn Llewellyn have volunteered to represent the DA7C. Also, thanks to Glyn for his report on the Crofton weekend which was made all the more enjoyable by the weather.

This Month’s Meeting_ Thursday 19th October ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Nags Head, Ringwood, 8.30 pm. Please make an effort to come and have a say in the running of your club.

Present Committee

Chairman.................... Derek Munn

Secretary................... Bernard Cowley

Assistant Secretary........ John Page

Treasurer................... Lawrence Rideal

Events Secretaries.......... Gary Munn & Peter Treliving

Editor...................... Phil Whitter

Committee Members........... Glyn Llewellyn & Mike Wragg

Nominations for committee to Bernard Cowley, 232 Rempstone Road, Merley,


Next Month’s Committee Meeting Thursday, 2nd November at The Fox & Hounds,



At 10 o'clock on Saturday morning we met John and Cynthia Page and family and Bernard and Jackie Cowley and family, at Ringwood for a very pleasant drive through the Wiltshire countryside to Crofton, near Marlborough.

We arrived at about mid-day and after pitching our tents at the far end of the car park, and having a bite to eat, we all set off on foot

for the village of Wilton about two miles away, as we wanted to visit the restored Windmill there. Fortunately, we arrived at the same time as a private coach party, and were able to go over the Windmill as though we were with them.

Just after the evening meal was finished Gary and Debbie Munn

arrived and soon had their marquee, sorry, tent, pitched and we all set

off for the nearest pub for a drink.

Sunday morning dawned to the sounds of birds and Bernard screaming,

sorry, disciplining his children or wife, or both, and after a good breakfast of bacon, eggs and sausages we set off for a tour of the district and after a pleasant route found ourselves in Marlborough. It was then decided that I should return to the campsite to meet the members who were just coming up for the day, and we should all meet at the pub for a liquid lunch. Mike and Elizabeth Wragg and Roger Ballard were waiting for us and we set off to the pub.

After lunch we all trooped off round the Beam engine which proved very interesting and took much longer than any of us had imagined as there was a lot to see. The engines have been completely restored and were in steam, being worked by members of the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust.

Everybody seemed to agree that it was a very enjoyable weekend, helped by very good weather, and was another successful Dorset A7 Club run.

CLUB SWEATSHIRTS are available again! Adult £3.70 Child £3.05

-    White, Red, Light blue, Yellow,
Beige, Grey, Black and Navy.

Contact Phil Whitter on Broadstone 69+857 with your orders.

Below is the list of Films promised in last month’s newsletter:-


The A7CA has the following films for hire:-

Silent, Reel times are approx 12mins,


Black & White - 16mm

1 Mighty Atom                  -1 reel - Uses of Austin 7 Engine

2 Cornwall calling             -2 reels - Austin travelogue around Cornwell

3 Here's to power              -2 reels - Making Austin engines

4 All that is England          -1 reel - English travelogue.


Colour - 16mm

5 Jubilee A7 Rally 1972        -1 reel - A7CA official film


SOUND (16mm sound films cannot be shown on silent projectors. )
Black & White - 16mm

6 Tests such as these          -1 reel - Checking production quality

7 Pace that thrills            -1 reel - Building & racing the Twin-Cam   .

8 The Mighty Atom              -1 reel - Uses of Austin 7 Engine

9 Within the White Line        -1 reel - Safety in Austin Cars

10 Precision makes Perfect     -1 reel - Inspection & Testing Austins

11 When the Solder Sets        -1 reel - Making Radiators

12 Non-Stop Utility            -1 reel - Uses of Austin Engines

13 Men Who Work                -1 reel - Men & Control at Longbridge

14 Today in Morocco            -1 reel - N. Africa Travelogue

15 As Time Goes by             -1 reel - History of Transport

Colour- 16mm

16 Austin Veterans             -1 reel – Austin '50 Year Old' Celebration