MAY 1979




Thursday 17th May meet at Nags Head with an evening run to the Alice Lisle at Rockford, departing at 8.45 p.m. Bring the ladies and make it a social night.



Our film show was attended by twenty four members and we all enjoyed the excellent films, particularly the Cornwall film which showed Cornwall as we will never see it again.           Bernard took his Chummy to the Nags Head and I must say it goes well although I have yet to sample its drop head characteristics.

We were sorry to hear that Murray Pacey has not been too well lately and I am sure we all wish a speedy recovery to our most senior and experienced member.

I have had one or two requests for our DA7C tee shirts and sweat­shirts again this year so please let me know your requirements as soon as possible so I can get them ordered (see details further on)

John Page is using his Ruby as everyday transport and it certainly sounds on tune. It is good to see another Seven waving the flag in the Bournemouth traffic. People at work tell me "I saw an Austin Seven on my way to work. and I try and match it to one of our regular users.

Incidentally if anyone is interested in a 1949 Morris Minor with M.O.T. (about £250), I know of one for sale at Wareham..

Well folks, not much news this month so have a good look at the list of events -  there is plenty for everybody so enjoy yourselves.






TEE SHIRTS ..                                                          Adult £1.80. Child £1.65 White

                                                                                   Adult £1.90. Child £1.75 Yellow, Red, Light Blue. Navy, Beige, Grey, Black

Sizes   Adult                            Small / Medium / Large

Children’s                               24" 26" 28" 30” 32"


SWEATSHIRTS             Adult         £3.70

                                        Child          £3.05


Prices same as last year!

Orders to Phil Whitter 89 York Road, Broadstone Tel. 694857


List of Events:

26th & 27th May                 East Hants Vintage & Veteran display Blackmoor, Hants


2nd June.                           Salisbury Rally, Victoria Park, Salisbury.  Details from Mrs, J. Lock, Children Unit, Odstock Hospital, Salisbury.



9th & 10th June                                      Caldicot Castle.  Entry Forms enclosed.

10th June                                              Southsea Spectacular and Solent City run. Details: D. Chalker; 16 Lower Drayton Lane, Cosham, Portsmouth.

17th June                                               Essex Extravaganser.  See Bernard for details

23rd & 24th June                                   BARCLAY CASTLE rally. Details: David Shaw; Briar Cottage, Elberten, Olveston, Bristol

1st July                                                 75C MC Beaulieu.

1st July                                                 Wilton House Spectacular. Details U.N.I.C.E.F., 46 Osnaburgh Street, London

July 7th & 8th_                                    Blandford Fire Engine Rally. Details phone Blandford 51229

July 8th                                                W.V.P.C. Motorcade Hurn Court School.

July 15th                                              Flight Refuelling Fete Wimborne. Details see newsletter.

21st July                                               Netley Marsh Steam Rally.

21st & 22nd July                                  Avisford Park Hotel Show, Walburton nr. Arundel. Details A Burt 19 Radnor Close, Worthing.

August 11th & 12th                              Yeovil Festival of Transport; details: M Stagg, 5 Burton Barton., Yeovil

August 18th & l9th                                Midland A7 Club Longbridge; details later.

August 19th                                         Netley Marsh Preservation Club vintage vehicle road run. Details, Pat Wale; Countryside Museum Breamore, Hants.

August 27th                                          Horsham Lions vintage transport rally. Details: N Symes, Greenfields, Lyons Road, Horsham

Sept 8th & 9th                                       Beaulieu Auto Jumble.



Letter sent to the club:

Flat 'D'

376 Blandford Road

Hamworthy, Poole.

9th April, 1979.


Dear Sirs,

I am writing on behalf of the Flight Refuelling Sports & Social Club to invite your members to the Recreational Management Association Sports Day and Garden Fete, which will be held at the Flight Refuelling Sports & Social Club at Merley Wimborne, on Sunday 15th July.

Letter cont..

The Club House will be open to your membership, where there are excellent bars to obtain refreshments during normal licensing hours.

There are ample grounds and play areas where children can amuse themselves and the following attractions will be on offer on the 15th July for your entertainment.

R.M.A. Sports Day Events.

Model Steam Engines.

Local Boy Scout Bands.

Side shows,

Arrangements will also be made for Car Club vehicles to circle a parade ground with a description of car being made via the P.A. system.

I hope the above notes are sufficient for your membership to be interested in attending a very interesting and entertaining day.

Yours faithfully,



Entry forms from John Stone. 22 Cobham Way. Wimbome (886537)





Easter day dawned warm and sunny and at 11 o'clock 10 Austin Sevens and Two 10s assembled in Wimborne Minster Square. We all set off west along the A31, turning South on to the B3075 which took
us through Wareham and then right at Stoborough Green which took us the back way to Corfe Castle via Church Knowle and gave us a taste of the hills to come.


Through Corfe Castle to please the Grockles and on to Kingston and lunch at the Scott Arms.  Here we were joined by an Austin 16/6 which made a roll call a follows: 4 S.W. Boxes; 2 LWB Boxes; 1 Open Tourer (ex military); 2 Rubys, 1 open, 2; A10'


After a leisurely lunch it was decided that on such a fine day Swanage would be full of Grockles and it was though prudent to change our plan and visit Kimmeridge instead which meant retracing our route through Corfe Castle.


We parked on the cliff top at Kimmeridge and most of us walked along the beach while others just enjoyed the view.  As the afternoon became cooler we visited the local shop in Kimmeridge to purchase ices etc, before heading home via Wool,


A good day was had by all and what a good turn out nearly ½ of our total membership mostly in A7s.






10.45 a.m. Wimbome Square for 11 o’clock departure!  We eventually left at 11.25 a.m. with a good turnout of 6 Austin 7s and two Austin 10s.  In close convoy and causing a minor hazard to other road users, we trundled along the Blandford road passing Badbury rings, through some of the Tarrants and on past the Langton Arms where I picked my way others walloed and some just dived through the inevitable ford which only went to prove that Austins let in water at a similar rate to air.


Motoring on through the beautiful springtime countryside of Dorset to Donhead St. Andrew and the Foresters public house for lunch. It is a pretty little country pub where they serve a good pint and food at such a realistic price that it tempted Mike Wragg to buy himself and family a meal, then offered his packed lunch for sale at the same price.  Only slightly inebriated we bumped, weaved and

wandered the last few miles to Wardour Castle.  Glyn being our leader for the day negotiated a 10% discount off the admission fee claiming we were a coach party from D.A.7.C.


The castle is just a ruin but must have been a splendid place in its day being surrounded by woodland, fields and a large lake. Talk of dungeons, spiral stairways and even a secret passage to be used when the castle was under siege, helped one to imagine a scene of knights on white chargers and damsels in distress.  Days of chivalry when one word out of place got you hung or at the very least you would get a mace wrapped round your ear and what they did with a pike did not bear thinking of.  Close to the castle was a Grotto in which we found impressions in the rock where fossilized ammonites used to be. What a grotto was used for nobody seemed to know but some of the suggestions ranged from amusing to obscene.


The highlight of the day in my mind was the attempt on Bernard’s behalf to fly his 'kite' that he had made from a large heavy duty polythene sack, sticky tape and a ball of string. This took place on the well-kept lawns that surrounded the castle. At times his antics accompanied by sarcastic remarks and suggestions from an attentive audience was classic Monty Python stuff.  All the while claiming that the kite was for his children’s benefit.


As Mr. Wragg didn't wish to sit on the damp grass like the rest of us we felt guilty and went back to the car park for a cuppa tea and a bite to eat. Then we set off for home.  The route was to climb Zig Zag Hill but only Glyn, Gary and myself went this way. The others took an alternative route and met us up on Spreadeagle Down through Tollard Royal and on to our respective hones.


The weather and company were good and the Austins all ran well.  This has to be one of the best club runs to date so all thanks must go to Glyn and Pat Llewellyn for organising a most pleasant days run.


Terry Jeffries