I have been discussing with the Solent Austin 7 club (from whom several members are here tonight) the possibility of joining forces but still running a separate meeting and runs from this area.

There is no doubt the advantages of doing this i.e. joining all their runs, having a monthly bulletin, using their spares resources etc.

At our next meeting June 17th perhaps a discussion could be arranged with representatives from the Solent club.

Please could I have your feelings with regard to this matter tonight.



Peter Treliving, Jack Bond,

6 Priors Road, Flat 10, Red Roofs,

Creekmoor. 1 Dudsbury Ave.,


30/1 Tourer

33 Saloon

Mike Wragg, Richard Kornby,

16 Richmond Read, 104 Wedgewood Drive,

Wimborne, Parkstone.


36 Military Tourer

Interested in Austin 7s

Nigel Ricardo, Peter Boyland,

Ivy Cottage, 18 Blakehill Ave.,

St. Georges Road, Parkstone.

Nippy 33 Tourer 36 Mile Tourer. 31 Tourer.