January 1979


Happy New Year! This is a difficult month to write about items of interest as most of it happens after I have written it. Our Social is on Saturday and Bernard and Make Wragg are going to the A7CA meeting at Oxford on Sunday (or last Saturday and Sunday by the time you read this!)

Providing I can get it working this should be the first newsletter printed on our electric Banda duplicator so I hope you can read it O.K.

The wind-up gramophone concours at our December meeting proved to be a success with nine entries and the winner was Dave Tanner with his Columbia.

Well, nobody has written with any item of interest for some time, so what about something to stop me scratching for a change. Surely some of you must have some interesting experiences or technical tips to pass on.

Sorry to hear that Dave Delaney has traded his '32 box for a modern but it is easy to appreciate how he feels after two years hard slog on a rusty shell.

John Page has progressed well with his Ruby "hack" and recently purchased two 450 x 17 Avon tyres off the shelf from Motorway Tyres. They are certainly the cheapest for A7 size Avons.

Don't forget send your sales, wants, articles etc. to Phil Whitter at 89 York Load, Broadstone. Tel. Broadstone 694857.


£2.50 or £3.15 if you require A7CA magazine.

Please send to L. Rideal, 36 Diprose Road, Corfe Mullen, Dorset. Tel. Broadstone 698249

Gramophone Evening

Our last club night being close to the festive season was an informal noggin with the added attraction of a Gramophones. Concours! We had eight entries in all ranging from a mid-twenties type to a 1954 HMV Auto-stop model.

I must admit the later ones sounded better but the judge - Lawrence Rideal (chosen by the rest of the members to stop him going to sleep), picked Dave Tanners mid-30s Columbia for tone and reasonable bodywork.

Many thanks to all those who brought a gramophone along and a very enjoyable but quite noisy evening was had by one and all.

It was nice to meet new member Martin Jervis and his son.  Martin has a 1932 Tourer which has been off the road for a few years and is at present having problems with the kingpins.

Getting back to the car stakes, we have decided, if possible, to have a road run every month from April to October and also one weekend away during the Summer. The only problem being, with a very crowded events calendar, it is quite difficult to fit everything in.

THIS MONTH’S MEETING Thurs 18th January, Nags Head, Ringwood.  Experiences of members with A7s and ‘Broken Bits’ evening (A7).

NEXT MONTH’S COMMITTEE MEETING 1st February, Fox & Hounds, Hampreston,


15th April          Swanage Run

13th May            Wardour Castle Run (North Dorset)

9/10th June         South Wales A7 Club Caldicot Castle Rally

23rd June           Precision Driving Tests & Barbeque

7th July            Evening run to either Swanage or Lymington

(further details about these events in later newsletters)


End float on the dynamo can sound very similar to worn timing wheels at tick-over speeds or, under load, like big-end bearings about to give up. First remove the inspection plate from the dynamo housing, then bend back the split pin holding the dynamo pinion nut away from the end of the shaft. With the engine running slowly press a pointed mild steel bar against the end of the armature shaft, in the centre hole. If the noise decreases as pressure is exerted the problem is end-float. On models prior to August 1932 and after August 1935 this is overcome by renewing the ball races on the armature spindle. Between the two dates given, end float can be taken up by fitting a new fibre washer behind the dynamo driving gear. End float in crankshaft can be tested for by allowing the engine to idle and withdrawing the clutch. If the noise disappears new races are required at the front of the crankshaft. These can be renewed without taking the engine out of the chassis. It is necessary to remove the radiator, fronts engine cover, sump and gauze filter.

A "clutch-wink" caused by uneven positioning of the clutch toggles can lead to a slight end float. To cure this will entail the removal of the gearbox and clutch.

Moving on to vibrations from the engine, these can be caused by any one of several faults and a systematic search and check should be carried out in order to resolve the problem.

A severe vibration period from about 18 to 25 mph is usually the result of slack engine mounting bolts, particularly where the engine is rubber mounted. These bolts should always be quite firmly tightened down.

(Part III next month).

Association Meeting - l4th January

The Registrar reported that there were now 3000 7s on the register. There are 14 body drawings available from Phil Baildon (I have the list), ranging from a 1928 saloon to a 1935 open road tourer. They are 50p each inc. postage, and if additional copies are sent at the same time, 25p each.

The A7CA magazine 78D is now with the printers and should be out next month. 79A is hoped to be available early in April. The Stanley Edge drawings are on snow at the Science Museum from 2nd March to 29th April together with many other transport drawings.