SOMEONE was apparently spoofing our friend Buster Keaton when they handed him this wrench to work on “the world's tiniest car."

 Nevertheless, Buster Keaton, like many thousands of Americans, is extremely interested in the twin brother to our familiar Austin Seven. Outwardly, there does not seem to be much similarity, but the engine is the same, and the same also as the German BMW and the French Rosengart.  One reason for the astounding popularity of the Bantam in America is the present congested state of the traffic in the big cities. A small car can wriggle in and out among the traffic blocks, and owing to its snappy performance and acceleration, it's a great time saver. 

In the old days, one car per family was thought quite sufficient. Nowadays there must be two, and if the first is not an Austin Seven, the second surely is!