APRIL 1976




Well our first meeting seemed to go rather well. At least we got to know each other!

Summing up our discussion anyone who owns an Austin 7 can be a member and anyone who is interested though not running one can be an associate.

If a run is organised any member would be welcome to come to the meeting or finishing point in any oar he likes to bring but only pre-war cars would be eligible on the run. I hope this clarifies the matter but it's your club so let’s have comments.

With regard to the title of the club the name Avon Austin 7 club could be confused with Avon in the Bristol area. What about Forest or New Forest Austin 7 Enthusiasts Club? Again, comments please.

By the way I had a chat with Keith Roach of the Solent Austin 7 club and mentioned that this club is not in opposition with the Solent and any member of theirs would be welcome at our meetings.

Well the Daffodil run seems to have been a success again this year. Those on the run were Lawrence with his '33 Box, myself and John Page with '31 Saloons, Peter Boyland with his '31 Tourer and Via Steel with his '36 Opal. In Bournemouth, Roger Ballard with his first outing this year with his ‘31 Saloon. Brian Pipe and Owen Legg with, dare I say it, Austin 12s. So all in all a good turnout.

I had a reasonably good run apart from a blocked slow running jet. None of the other 7s experienced trouble.

Forthcoming Events

Tonight  Bernard saying a few words about how he found his Austins and then your slides and films and a Film Show by Owen Legg.

Next Month’s Meeting

Date May 20th – 8 p.m.

Meet here at the 'Nags Bead'.  John Page has organised a run (about 10 miles) to another pub in the New Forest. We will be leaving here 8.30 no later. If there are any late arrivals the destination will be the Sir Walter Tyrrell near the Rufus Stone this aide of Cadnam.